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Ascend to Musical Heights


Christopher Henry

Noya Mountain Music is a multifaceted business created by Christopher Henry who comes from a family rooted in a passion for music. Growing up in a household where voices and melodies echoed through the halls, he inherited a deep love for bluegrass from his astute musician parents. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree - Christopher picked the mandolin for the first time at the age of 4 and still hasn't put it down. He has nearly three decades of teaching all by ear experience under his belt and it brings him great joy to nurture others on their own musical odyssey. He specializes in the intricate artistry of Monroe style mandolin, but is a highly skilled and versatile instructor proficient in teaching an array of musical disciplines. For the past eleven years, Christopher has had the privilege of playing mandolin alongside the legendary Peter Rowan, whose mastery and mentorship have been an endless wellspring of inspiration. Peter's guidance has enhanced his musical prowess and also deepened his commitment to fostering a community where music thrives and souls connect. Whether you're drawn to the powerful picking of the mandolin, the soulful strumming of the guitar, the art of songwriting, or the magic of recording, Noya Mountain Music offers a sanctuary for your musical aspirations. Christopher's goal is to empower you to discover your unique sound and embrace the journey of healing and self-expression through music. At Noya Mountain Music, every note resonates with purpose, possibility and passion.


Each month Noya Mountain Music offers 2 interactive workshops. One is the Monroe Style Workshop facilitated by Christopher Henry and David McLaughlin which has been occurring for 4 years now! In this workshop students are introduced to the game changing devices pioneered by Christopher Henry in order to understand Monroe's lexicon and unlock their own creative potential. Full details here!


In the Noya Mountain Music Monthly Workshop    Christopher explores various topics in order to help students grow in their musical abilities. Past workshops have included song writing, tune (instrumentals) writing, and jamming beyond 1, 4, and 5. More info here!

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