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Monroe Style Jamming 

Students will study the tune, Back Up and Push, and the song, Little Joe, with Christopher Henry and David McLaughlin. Each student will have the opportunity to implement favorite devices and improvise in their own unique way in order to receive feedback from the instructors. Special guest TBD.


May 23rd 6-9pm EST

Space is limited. $75 investment includes the Zoom workshop, study material from Christopher and David as well as a 30 minute lesson with CH.


Gallery View (no participation or study materials)

and recording only $35

NMM Monthly Workshop
Demystifying Double Stops

Unlock the essence of intermediate mandolin playing with Double Stops. Delve into this vital technique through the lens of well-known melodies, allowing you to grasp and integrate the fundamental shapes. Gain invaluable insight by learning the numeric identifiers corresponding to these doubles, derived from their interval placement within the scale of the key or chord being played. Join us in this workshop as we bridge theory with practice, enhancing your mandolin prowess.



May 19th 3-5pm EST


On The Road

On The Road

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 2.09.58 PM.png

June 28 Owensboro, KY

with Peter Rowan at ROMP Festival

July 3 Ashland, KY

with Jason Carter 

July 11 Cincinatti, OH

with Peter Rowan at Memorial Hall

July 13 Romp Frankfurt, IL

with Peter Rowan at Bluegrass on the Green Festival

August 3 Nelson Ledges, OH

with Peter Rowan at Grassfire

It was super exciting and fun to join Billy Strings on stage in Asheville for a few songs. He and the boys have been covering a tune I wrote, West Dakota Rose, for a few years now. My wife and I went to check out a show to celebrate my 43rd birthday and what a gift it was to get to get to pick and sing with them!


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